What is the New Riff Whiskey Club?

We're building a community of Bourbon, Rye, and whiskey lovers, eager to explore our riff on Kentucky’s whiskey traditions. The NRWC provides early notice and online access to pre purchase seasonal releases of our highly allocated spirits. Twice a year these spirits will be available for pre purchase online, with pick up at the distillery shop (no shipping). It’s free to join, first come first serve, with no obligation to purchase, ever!

NRWC Membership Includes

+ Early access to seasonal releases of our highly allocated spirits twice a year.

+ Fairness and transparency- no long lines to contend with: All NRWC editions will be pre-sold online with published dates, limit one 2pack per person. (Must be picked up at Distillery shop within 60 days.)

+Free to join. First come, first serve. No obligation to purchase, ever!

Ready to Join the NRWC? Follow these Easy Steps!

Sign up

Sign up: NRWC is free and open to join, with no obligation to purchase. You must register your personal account ahead of any seasonal release as you must be signed in with username and password to purchase.

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Check Your Inbox

Every distilling season you will receive an email alerting you at the start of a NRWC presale.

Be sure that  Club@newriffdistilling.com is a contact in your mail client so we don't end up in your spam filter.

Log In, Purchase, Pick Up

Follow the link in your email, log in using your username and password and purchase your seasonal two pack. First come, first serve, and limit one per person. Pick up in the Distillery shop within 60 days.

Spring 2019 Edition: Coming Soon!

NRWC Fine Print

Club membership does not guarantee availability. Members will be given notice on the published timeline and all editions will be limited per person. Editions will be first come first serve during online sale, which we anticipate will sell out quickly. Club members, or their designee will have 60 days from time of online sale to pick up their purchase in store, shipping is not allowed. If items are not picked up within 60 days, they will be automatically refunded and your purchase will be forfeited. All communication in regard to NRWC will be conducted via email, it is the responsibility of the member alone to keep their contact information up to date. NRWC members will be able to update their contact information through the website. Must be 21 years of age to purchase. 

Spring 2019 Single Barrel Rye Cheat Sheet: Bottles Available Soon!

Barrel 14-1202 Distilled 12/7/14 ---- Dark fruit, slightly oaky and very spicy with a long rye spice and dry cinnamon finish. -David Miller, Distiller

Barrel 14-1203 Distilled 12/7/14 ---- Spearmint, vanilla & baking spices upfront leading into a mixed berry sweetness that is cut dry by cinnamon and grains of paradise. -Brian Sprance, Head Distiller

Barrel 15-1590 Distilled 1/20/15 ---- Heady, bready rye, then dark berry fruits under lifted, earthy spices of cassia and mace. -Jay Erisman, Co-Founder

Barrel 15-1903 Distilled 2/11/15 ---- Scents of citrus and dill, with flavors of grilled stone fruits and fresh cracked peppercorns. -Bryon Martin, Distiller

Barrel 15-1934 Distilled 2/13/15 ---- Brown spice, eucalyptus and a touch of oak finishing with apple and a smooth lingering cinnamon. -Stephanie Batty, Distiller

Barrel 15-1941 Distilled 2/13/1 ---- Raspberry, black pepper & and citrus opening into caramel, fresh charred oak, cinnamon & grains of paradise. - Brian Sprance, Head Distiller

Barrel 15-1949 Distilled 2/16/15 ---- Honeydew melon and white pepper hit the nose, while the the juicy, sweet red berries give way to the black pepper and rye spice finish. -Bryon Martin, Distiller

Barrel 15-2292 Distilled 3/12/15 ---- A balanced nose of white pepper, mint, and wafting cotton candy, dives into a spicy mouthful, with hints of melon and matcha tea. - Bryon Martin, Distiller

Barrel 15-2765 Distilled 4/13/15 ---- Aromas of spearmint & fresh sliced pear opening into flavors of honeyed dark fruits, vanilla and grains of paradise - Brian Sprance, Head Distiller

Barrel 15-2767 Distilled 4/13/15 ---- Terrific orange custard/peel aromas plus thick-cut nougat; water brings finely balanced yellow fruits, spice and vanilla. A swig finds the broad, dryish palate and balance of rye/oak/wood spice. The orange peel is echoed in the finish. - Jay Erisman, Co-Founder

Barrel 15-2778 Distilled 4/14/15 ---- Scents of maple glaze, vanilla, and a late splash of mellow melon which is accompanied by cinnamon stick and pepper on the palate. -Stephanie Batty, Distiller

Barrel 15-2787 Distilled 4/14/15 ---- Expressive, vibrant, "volume-goes-to-11" rye pushing a panoply of fruits & spices—clove, grain-of-paradise, lovely black currant, even lime zest—over a richly satisfying body. Seamless, sustained finish. -Jay Erisman, Co-Founder

Barrel 15-3064 Distilled 5/4/15 ---- Aromas of muddled mint, cinnamon and lightly toasted marshmallow, with a palate full of juicy ripe plums, syrupy oak and sarsaparilla, finishing with a long pleasant, wood and rye spice. -Bryon Martin, Distiller